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Finding the right van is top of the list for most van-driving limited company owners, but what about insurance products? At Vanarama Insurance Services, we have the answer. Vanarama Content Editor Tom Roberts reports.

The majority of our commercial vehicle customers are tradespeople who own a limited company (or similar entity) through which they operate and provide their services. As the UK’s leading commercial vehicle leasing broker, it’s vital that we understand our customers and their business needs – it is this understanding that has allowed us to make sure that everything from our leasing products to our insurance policies are fit for our customers.


A van is more than “just a van”

For a limited company owner, working out which van you need and where to get it from are important decisions. For many of our customers, the van they drive is not just a means of transport. In a lot of cases it’s their office, tool store, critical method of advertising and, next to their customer base, one of their main assets, and some would say “the biggest tool in the box”.

We also know that whatever business you’re in, you’re very likely to be busy and want to keep things as clear and straightforward as possible. You don’t want to be caught out by hidden charges, small print or delays in getting the vehicle. That’s why our insurance products have been designed and tailored to ensure they are simple and easy to understand for busy limited company owners. And depending on which leasing product you opt for, you can reclaim the VAT on the deal.

To find out more, call 01442 838 173.


What insurance products are there for limited companies?

More than you’d think. Alongside the familiar annualised insurance policies, we also offer specialist products including our Multi-Year Insurance policies – an industry-first product, and one we created specifically for tradespeople.

Multi-Year Insurance: We have negotiated a unique UK offering for Vanarama customers who can benefit from a premium guarantee on van and pick-up insurance policies, which means the annual cost of your insurance will not change from the day you buy it across the duration of your lease. Our Multi-Year Policies are only available to Vanarama leasing customers, and can only be purchased by giving us a call on 01442 838 173.

Comparison platform: By using our comparison platform, you’ll be able to compare annual insurance policies RIGHT NOW. You’ll see a variety of quotes from our panel of top insurance providers in just a few minutes – give it a try!

Finance Gap Insurance: Vehicle value depreciation could mean there is a risk you will owe more to the Finance Company than the Insurance Company pay-out if the vehicle is written off or stolen. Finance GAP Insurance allows you to insure against the difference between your Insurance Company pay-out and the amount you owe to the Finance Company.

Short-term insurance: Need to drive a vehicle that isn’t yours, or insure a temporary driver on yours? If you don’t want the hassle or expense of adjusting your existing annual policy, temporary insurance cover can offer a cost-effective and flexible option. Policies are available from 1-28 days, and because the policy is separate from any other insurance policy you have – you won’t have to worry about it affecting your no claims discount.


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