Price Promise – Terms and Conditions

We’re so confident we’ve got the most competitive prices and can beat your insurance quote. If we can’t, we’ll pay you £25. Simple.

1. Price promise offer valid until further notice. Offer may be withdran by Vanarama Insurance at any time without notice.
2. Price promise available only to LEASED vans and pickups.
3. If we can’t beat your existing quote Vanarama Insurance will pay you £25.
4. You must provide written proof of the cheaper quote either by scanning a copy of the quote or submitting a pdf of your quote. Details of the insurer must be visible on the quote.
5. Only valid for one claim per year per customer.
6. Quote must be the same as the vehicle we are quoting on
7. payment will be via cheque within 28 days if we can’t beat your quote.