Rural Insurance

Specialist policies for rural businesses

Rural Insurance

Introducing our specialist rural insurance policies

If you live in the heart of rural UK, you understand that the vehicles on the roads are its lifeblood – and so does Vanarama.

We offer an innovative vehicle insurance product that allows you to combine up to 8 vehicles including commercial vehicles, private cars, and even motorised horseboxes into ONE simple policy.

How can you get this policy?

Well, it’s not available on comparison websites, but it is available through Vanarama Insurance Services in partnership with Rural Insurance, so why not give us a call on 01442 838 173 or leave your details and we’ll call you back.

How is this designed for rural businesses?

Our policy couldn’t be more flexible or more suitable for a rural business:

  • Start with one and add other vehicles as they renew, or your business grows
  • Benefit from one premium and one instalment plan for all your vehicles
  • If the worst happens, your claim will be handled in the UK by our friendly team of specialists
  • The policy covers private cars, commercial vehicles up to 5t in weight and motorised horseboxes.
  • Benefit from no claims bonuses and garaging discounts too

In-depth cover that works for you

This exclusive cover accepts existing no claims bonuses or fleet claims experience, provides automatic cover of up to £5,000 for attached or detached trailers, will fit replacement locks following an attempted theft or loss of keys, and up to 90 days per trip in EU countries. This policy can be taken out in your business name, or if you are self-employed but don’t have a trading name then we can use your name as a sole trader.*

So, simply leave your details in the form to get your quote now.

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*Not all postcodes or occupations can be accepted, but 1,700 trades – from builders through to shop owners and office-based businesses – are eligible.